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- Master Of Talents -

KRISHAANG SHANKAR (3 Years) is a multi-talented kid in different fields. He holds 2 World Records and 10 National Level Records.

His Record Titles are

Youngest Kid in the World to type alphabets in reverse order on a Laptop.

Youngest Kid in the World to type spellings of 1000+ object names in Laptop.

Youngest kid to identify the Indian States, Country flags with their respective currencies and the equivalent currency value.

Youngest kid to reciting All Vitamin Products, 247 Tamil Letters, States and Capitals in India

Youngest kid to solve India Puzzle, more than 100 Puzzles included Animals, Vehicles, Fruits, Vegetables, Opposites.

He was awarded "Genius Kid", "Inspiring Young Mind", "Champion of Universe", "Future Kalam", "Little Genius", "Young Achievers", "Ingenius Talent", "Extraordinary Kid", "Child Prodigy", "India Star Icon Kids Achiever", "Global Kids Achiever", "The Pride of TamilNadu" in recognition of his multiple talents in different fields.

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