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Dr. Sushila Choudhary

Dr. Sushila Choudhary
raaba book of world records

As the medals of academic wisdom adorned my mind and Dr. Sushila enthusiasm for initiative guided through Dr. Sushila initial career as an educator in 2008 with the Jain Group of Institutions at Bangalore, Dr. Sushila could recognize how my words engraved an impact on young minds. Being an educator is one of the most fulfilling career paths chose as watched how empowerment made the light in the eyes shine bright and the smiles on young faces made every wave of turmoil wash away. The years passed and eventually, Dr. Sushila guidance as an educator paved towards a leadership that promised to make meaningful positive changes in the structure of pedagogy and education took up the role as an academic coordinator in 2011. All through these years, Dr. Sushila came to realize that our education system often fails to notice the societal norms that tend to suppress the girl child as she aims for the sky.

Dr. Sushila have worked relentlessly to transform those problems, writing research papers and articles published in journals such as Rajasthan Patrika, Dakshin Prakash, and the UGC-recognized National Journal of Hindi and Sanskrit, with the sole aim of making the struggles that women face known to the world at large, as how a woman, even as a leader is often questioned more than her counterpart would ever be; of how often Dr. Sushila have witnessed and stood up for the girls whose dreams and education are devalued in the face of the patriarchal authority. In 2015, also awarded with Ph.D. with my research centering on Women Empowerment in Hindi Literature. The esteemed JGI recognized efforts as Dr. Sushila was bestowed with the Best Achievement Award in 2017.

The purpose is to make every girl’s voice be heard in the classroom, to see more women step up to leadership roles and bring the change this world needs, I further channelled my efforts as I started taking sessions to guide young girls to pursue their educational journey towards their successful career as Dr. Sushila became a leading part in the Smart Girl Program initiated by Bhartiya Jain Sanghatan (BJS), it brought me immense joy to see how 350 young girls were ignited with curiosity and propelled with motivation towards a promising future. “A leader is the firm hand that pulls you out from the depths of darkness, a gentle pat on the back as you take another step of achievement, a nudging hand on your shoulder as you walk further even in the face of feared reluctance.

A leader’s light helps you navigate the tumultuous sea of challenges and embrace you to overcome any setback that may come your way.” These are the words that have constantly guided me through the years, Dr. Sushila envision that the youth not simply walk as lead but to walk beside me in guidance. In 2018, my relentless efforts were recognized once again as Dr. Sushila took up the role of the Principal of Bhagwan Mahavir International School at Surat. The role of an educational leader comes with the power to bring change under the light of responsibilities that entail such a position.

Dr. Sushila made sure that under my guidance, everyone in my team grew with me, letting every perspective find a place and every positive thought transform into an effective action of meaningful impact. Seeing how every student and educator could feel free to voice their opinions and feel motivated even in the face of challenges, Dr. Sushila realized that my efforts made a difference.

There were still a lot of setbacks drawn by conventional academia that were often overlooked, of how the academia often found stagnant even when the world changed and to tackle such problems, Dr. Sushila took the initiative to be the Head of Bhagwan Mahavir Concept School (BMCS). With a global curriculum of Cambridge International Education, Dr. Sushila work each day to bring the best technology to use in learning, to uplift the quality of education for the young minds of Surat. As look back on my journey, Dr. Sushila come to realize the struggles and lessons Dr. Sushila have learned, of the smiles and empowered dreams I have witnessed make such a significant impact in this world.

Dr. Sushila still have a long way to go, much more to soar for, and still stand and be the courage that drives towards a future that welcomes every child without the shadow of ignorant judgment in their wave.


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