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Dr.Rajeshwari Ranjith

Correspondent of Apple Creche Play School, Entrepreneur

Born and raised in a normal family with no educational background. She is the first degree holder in her family and has completed 4 degrees and 4 diplomas in the education field. She is a seasoned educator, child educator, motivational speaker, recipient of the Honorable Doctorate Award, and Guinness World Record holder.

She did her schooling at St. Paul's School in Mayiladuthurai, then went on to graduate from BWC in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

She has professional degrees of B. Com. M. Ed, MBA, P.M.C, PG Dip. In Mon- tessori, child educator (BSS skill mission) She has received Doctorate award in Educational field from World Human Rights protection commission New Delhi, and world Guinness Record holder.

She started her career as a cashier for Pvt. Ltd., and her studies were completely about accounting only. That's why she completed a B. Com. and an MBA. But once she gave birth and had to take care of her kids, she again completed her B. Ed, M, Ed, all those, so that it will be appropriate to run a playschool. Her studies and career were totally different from the WIth 10+ years of hands-on experience in key performance areas like education, manage- ment, administration, and as a motivational speaker and counseling provider for youth. Which brings out the best in every child's development She is a role model who has performed in every field. She is the one who has made the classroom a most admirable place for kids with her way of teaching. With her young and enthusiastic nature, she has taken her students to extreme heights by training them to achieve world records, Limca Records, Abdul Kalam Records, and many more!

She has been honoured with great awards, records, honor, and achievement for her dedication and contributions in her field. Few of her noteworthy achievements are Best Teaching in excellence, Best Teacher, Best Play School 2022, Education Icon 2022, etc. As a mentor, she knows how to prepare children for multitasking, be it creative, intellectual, or innovative.

She is an example For the women who believe that we can't achieve our goals after marriage and childbirth... But she defies all of their expectations and stands tall.


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