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Dhivya Narendranath

Dhivya Narendranath
Raaba Book of World Records

Dhivya is a passionate and dynamic individual who finds inspiration in the vibrant environment of Creative School. As a Healer, Facilitator, and Prinicipal, she brings her unwavering spirit to every aspect of the school, including Administration, Teacher Training, and working with children.

After completing her engineering degree in her hometown of Vellore, Dhivya embarked on a career as a Software Developer at Microsoft and Satyam Computers. During her time in the United States, she also gained valuable experience in the banking industry. However, her perspective shifted when she became a mother, realizing that there were more meaningful priorities in life than just a successful career. This realization ignited her passion for healing, teaching, and lifelong learning.

While Dhivya had learned to play the Veena during her teenage years, her interest and dedication to learning grew even stronger after her father's passing. He had played a significant role in her musical education, and in 2021, she recommitted herself to mastering the Veena. Over the past three years, she has pursued her musical journey with immense fervor and dedication.

Dhivya acknowledges her teacher, Monisha, as a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Monisha's guidance has enabled Dhivya to perform confidently on various occasions, and she remains grateful for the invaluable support that has helped her refine her musical skills to perfection.


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