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D. Rachel Elizabeth

Proudly being such an impactful leader and motivating the students to strive for success daily. Her vision, wisdom and passion for improvement has been shown in every aspect of her interaction with all at every time. She is doing an incredible job of listening to any concerns from the management , staff & Parents to keep everyone in comfort zone with excitement in raising the step of improvement of the school. And her input after-class learning program has really brought students and teachers together in oneness. Besides being a good principal, She is a good Administrator. As a principal she drastically shaped the condition for the teachers and students to learn the manners and be connected with school with distinctive mode...She is known for her positive tone of welcoming kids with pampered companionship with the toddlers been a wonderful example for all other teachers. Continuously raising the bar for leadership at Eurokids-Tiruvallur and she never fails to keep up with the ever evolving landscape of academic implementation as an excellent communicator So to the core of pleasure ,it's great to submit our best wishes to the conscientious Principal.


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