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- Most talented female in young Age -

This is to certify and Honor D.DURGA born on October 01, 2010 of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India for Creating a World Record of Most talented female in young Age on October 02, 2021.

D.Durga is a 11½ year old enthusiastic and multi talented girl. She is in 7th grade at Ramana Vidyalaya school , sholinganallur , chennai.

She born on february 1 2010 , her father is K.Durairajan and mother D.Mohanasundari.

She is a super talented girl . She is expert in playing the musical instrument Veena. Her drawings are really appreciable , in chess and in recitation she achieved appreciable success.

Durga received many awards from different organisations which include World record awards also.

Baby Durga always wants to play with the Jigsaw puzzles ,hoopla ,brainvita , chess and so on .She can solve more than 25 cubes and she can solve in blindfold method. She will be solving those puzzles in a short duration of time each and every time while playing with those puzzles she will feel energetic and She never felt bored.

At the age of 1½ to 3 she used to watch more than hundred rhymes and she used to sing and dance accordingly.

She always choose and prefer to play things like blocks of different kinds and try to arrange in all possible ways.

At the age of 2 to 4 Durga was trained to read Tamil , English and Hindi in the flash card method. She was expert in reading the books at the age of 4 . From the age of 3 she used to tell the tables from 1 to 12. She is able to solve addition and subtraction sums simultaneously. She can solve sums up to three digits that is up to 100 without using abacus kit. She is also able to do it in her hands and through mental arithmetic method.

At the age of 5 she got many prizes for thirukural oratorical. She is a youtuber and she is successfully running 2 channels ,many of her videos creates awareness to the public. She started at the age of 5 to write the dbhps exams and without skipping any exam she finished the 9 levels that is parichay to Praveen uttarardh within the age of 9½ years.

Now she finished third grade exam in a reputed organisation for bharatanatyam.

She has more than 35 talents to showcase. She is an inspiring personality to all age groups.


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